eusockpuppetIf your daily newspaper carried a story about, say, Coca-Cola opposing a sugar tax, or McDonalds suggesting that fat-laden burgers could be part of a healthy diet, your response would be, ‘Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?’ Similarly, we’d expect a Tory MP to tell us that the government is doing a fine job and a Labour MP to tell us the opposite.

We like to think that we’re pretty good at sniffing out bias and self-interest, but it’s not always easy, especially when certain voices are presented to us as ‘independent’ or ‘neutral’. The truth is that a quite startling array of charities, NGOs and trades unions receive an even more startling amount of moolah from the EU. And who’d want to slay the golden goose?

This table, put together by Dan Hannan (I think), is very interesting: