Mark Littlewood is the Director General of the free market think tank The Institute of Economic Affairs. There are plenty of Brexit heroes at the IEA, and if you use Twitter you’ll probably have come across Ryan Bourne and Richard Wellings at least. What’s especially interesting about Littlewood, however, is how far he has travelled, ideologically speaking, to arrive at his present view (even if, from a classical liberal perspective, it’s an entirely logical journey).

Littlewood used to be the chief press spokesman for the Liberal Democrats; a reminder that, at least in its ‘Orange Book’ wing, the Liberals are the heirs of Grey and the Whigs. More surprising, perhaps, were his periods as spokesperson for the short-lived ‘Pro-Euro Conservative Party’ and as campaigns director of Liberty. But even this is only surprising if your view of ‘right wingers’ is the one peddled by leftard comedians and the BBC; where ‘Right’ means authoritarian, racist and obsessed with immigration.

Here’s his own explanation of why he’ll be supporting a #Brexit on 23 June: