Arguing the Classical Liberal Case


You’ll have noticed that for most (though not all) posts on this site, ‘Comments are closed’. Actually, comments have never been

The reason for this is not censorship and it’s certainly not fear of criticism or disagreement. Rather, it’s simply that we have one month until the referendum, and if you have good/helpful/interesting things to say, I think it would be better to say them on Twitter (or Facebook, or wherever you  post) instead of hidden away on an insignificant blog that, let’s face it, not many people are going to look at.

But while I have your attention, thanks for visiting. Please have a look around, and retweet anything that takes your fancy. Perversely, comments are open for this post…

If you REALLY want to comment, either send me an email or a DM on Twitter and I’ll switch comments back on.


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